as a non-english speaking person, reading fanfiction in your own native language is probably the weirdest and most horrible thing ever

yass. i don’t even want to read books in my native language

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"So do your heart a favor, turn around and leave. It may not be what you want, but girl it’s what you need. Letting go is hard, but it’s better to let go than to hold on to something that was never meant to be. so hold your head high, gorgeous, and stay strong because once you let go, better things are going to come along. REMEMBER when you lose something, It just means one thing: You deserve something better. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy, who doesn’t complicate your life, and someone who won’t hurt you."

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And rise above the tide.

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1. get Fridays off or get Mondays off?
Fridays off!

2. find true love or 10 million dollars?
True love.

3. lose half your hair or lose half your hearing?
Hair, I guess.

4. be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work at a job you hate?
Be rich and work at a job I hate because there’s always silver lining in everything.i can always learn to love.

5. go without the internet or a car for a month?
A car for a month.

6. have to sit all day or stand all day?
Sit all day.

7. dump someone else or be the person getting dumped?
Getting dumped.

8. drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public?
Spoiled milk? Diarrhea in private always sounds so much better than peeing in public.

9. have your flight delayed by 8 hours or lose your luggage?
Delayed by 8 hours. There’s always things to be done. I can read a book.

10. be in your pajamas all day or in a suit all day?
Pajamas. Haha.

11. have a missing finger or have an extra toe?
Extra toe, definitely.

12. never use the internet again or never watch TV again?
Never watch TV, duh.

13. be invisible or have super speed?
Super speed!

14.have an extra hour every day or have $40 given to you free and clear every day?
Extra hour.

15. have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you wanted?
Photographic memory.

16. able to lie without being caught or always be able to tell when someone is lying?
Always be able to tell when someone is lying!

17. be a clown that distracts the bull or the bull rider on the bull?
Bull rider!

18. be known as a drug dealer or be known as a liar?

19. eat only KFC for a month or eat only Taco Bell for a year?

20. be your favorite video game character or be your favorite movie character?
Movie character!

21. run 26 miles or swim 5 miles?

22. hold your pee all day or go pee every 5 minutes?
Uh. Both are bad.

23. be a famous rapper or be a notorious mobster?
Rapper does honest living right?

24. be eaten by a zombie or be burnt at the stake?
Uh uh uh. Which one is quicker?

25. never drink soda again or never eat pizza again?
Never drink soda again. My win.

26. see everything blurry or see everything in black and white?
See everything in black and white.

27. be stuck in a room with dead bodies or eat 5 spiders
I’ve been in the first one so yea the room with the dead bodies.

28. be deaf and have no legs or be blind with no arms
Uh both are bad.



The beautiful use of technology.

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How You Know Someone Cares



Someone who cares will ask you how your day is. They want to know what you’re doing; they want to know if something significant has happened in your life. You don’t have to talk to them all the time, but when you do see them, they will want to know how you are. Not out of some sort of obligation, but because they genuinely want to know.

Someone who cares will tell you things. They’ll tell you how ridiculous that parking ticket was; they’ll tell you a joke they found hilarious. Some people share more than others, but someone who cares will tell you things that matter to them, no matter how small that thing is.

Someone who cares will listen. Now, there are times when they won’t listen well. We all do that sometimes: we’re distracted, or so excited we talk over each other. But a person who cares will listen to you regularly, because your opinions matter to them. The things you say make some sort of impact on them – your opinions make them think, or make them laugh. But in their way, whatever that way is, they will listen.

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About a year ago, I had a patient who came in for nausea problem. I diagnosed her with morning sickness. The happiest news I could give to a woman who had been waiting for a kid. (Ok, she didn’t expect it at all but her expression was PRICELESS!). I didn’t know who’s happier: me giving the news or her accepting the news. 

Recently, she came back and brought her baby (a bit under the weather - but nothing major). Her cute little baby. Sometimes I couldn’t believe it. Last time I saw her, she was barely pregnant. Then I saw her bringing her little baby boy, so cuddly and smiley.

Oh, it made me happy. The smell of baby powder and a cooing (almost) healthy baby. 

Good thing he didn’t cry at the practice. *Pinching cheeks* 

I’m still a bit awed at how things change. Life, ow, life. 

I woke up finding out that I cried in my sleep. Dreaming of 公公 this morning. Still happier than ever, wore matching t-shirt, and told me: “Believe in yourself, 宝贝”.

I still cry in my sleep. I don’t know because I missed him or just because I’m happy that he decided to pop into my dreams once in a while, when I needed him the most.